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Str8Goody is a media start up that I run to showcase my art and others from my country (Nigeria). Theres a lot going on in my country currently and I make music to speak to my cultural experiences both here in Atlanta and back home in Nigeria.
I went back home towards the end of last year and it inspired me to start recording this tape. To me its very important that the world gets to hear our story, know of our existence and hear our message. Our music (Afrobeats) is starting to get a lot of mainstream exposure but I would love for you and the rest of the world to know the back story to it all and this is where The Election Tape Series comes from. Its the story of our culture, a little peek into the experience of a people that much has been heard of but have never been truthfully heard from.
You can find the full length tape here if interested:
Facebook: @TopWAVV