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The Touch (prod by Caleon)


In The Touch, Bobo.K aligns his natural ability to maneuver through obstacles and operate life with the touch of a skilled footballer, “I’ve got the finishing touch”.

Bobo.K then touches on a number of issues he faces. He feels like he’s got “the touch” but more  so when he is intoxicated and because of this he asks you not to judge him. He speaks of attempting to put his friends and people close to him in better positions to obtain what they want to obtain.

Bobo.K explains that he knows he’s good looking, talented and highly intelligent yet after an interaction with a female she tells him he is beneath her – this does not make sense as she does show him love and so he does not believe she is telling the truth – rather that she is in her feels over him. Anyway he is not focused on her anyway – he wants “a hunny from Egypt”. This statement seems more like a metaphor implying he knows he can do better and would prefer a prettier more exotic girl.

He speaks of cutting out weak links in his life – the described female being one. He also touches on to the fact that he can over-think sometimes and that she might not be a weak link – things aren’t that deep and it is messing up his own conscious. And so by the end of the night he gives her a call he feels this is “not slick” however he does so anyway and leads her on to believe that he wants to pursue her – showing that “The Touch” (being the thing that all adolescents strive for) is equally bad as it is good.