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@tshepomzebbs- Dangerous


Halla fam! I go by Mzebbs aka Digga jazz. I’m a rapper/producer/actor. I come from Soshanguve. I’ve been rapping for quite some time now, I was inspired by people who used to rap on jam alley back in the days and since then I’ve never looked back. Through the love I have for the game I’ve managed to hassle and built me a good quality studio so I don’t have to book for a session everytime I have a concept in my head. Now even the youngsters in my hood come to me for if they wanna record, I groom them and share my experience with them so they won’t end up on the streets since my hood is infested by drugs and crime.

I rap in S’ovo(Pretorian tsotsi taal) I mix it with a bit of English here and there and a bit of Zulu. If I were to describe my music I would say it’s dope because I take my time when I write my lyrics, I check my articulation, flow construction and make sure that I always stick to my content.

My music is unpredictable because I always work with different producers and if ever there’s a need for some live elements I call live instrumentalists for a session.

I rap about everything, from my life at home, streets, my hassle, my experiences,┬ápeople around me and what’s happening world wide

I’ve worked with different artists from dj Maphorisa, Gazza(NMB), Mandla Spikiri, the late Flabba , Notshi and a whole lot of other artists.

Opportunities like this one wouldn’t have came at a better time because now I’m at a point in my life where I feel like my music has matured to what I’ve always thought South African music should sound like.