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Write a minimum 200 words article about your music and yourself. Always make sure you add your music and video links (that’s the point right? people need to listen to your music) . YouTube, Soundcloud and Audiomack are good platforms to upload your music… These 3 platforms automatically play on our site. Upload your cover art of your image (good quality and professional, Here is a good example ). Once you have clicked publish, give us time to review your submission Check if your article has been published by going to https://downloads.sahiphopmag.co.za/ and searching your name.  Share your articles on your social networks once published! (Submissions without content and links will not be published!! ) Quick tip if you want to be tagged on twitter  instead of  writing your stage name use your twitter handle ) here is an example —> instead of having a title like  AKA – Run Jozi write it as @akaworldwide AKA – Run Jozi )

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