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Urban Content related radio podcast ‘CLoud Radio’


Urban Content related radio podcast ‘CLoud Radio’ looks to change the way people view radio with their modest orientated take to broadcasting.

The station is live on the iono.fm platform where the masses can excess their podcasts and all their latest news. The podcast was established after Sean Dlamini, Executive Producer of CLoud Radio, saw a niche market in the broadcasting world. He saw that local undiscovered talent wasn’t being given a platform to showcase their talent and skills.

This is an exceptional and very promising time for us at CLoud Radio as we hope to break boundaries set by the broadcasting world – Sean Dlamini, Executive Director of CLoud Radio

We have many outreach programmes for uplifting local content and content creators. We also look to venture at recording facilities for the youth who are unable to afford professional studio recording facilities, and the availability of our studios for artist live audio recording.

We look forward to working with sponsors as most of our programmes are powered by investor support

The station is currently accepting music submissions from undiscovered artists and interview requests from local brands that deserve the exposure. They can be found on their facebook portal and also on their website iono.fm/c/3379

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